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Deadly Intent

By Sheryl Browne

Deadly Intent really comes into its own during the second half  when author Sheryl Browne drags us along on a horrendous journey, in a claustrophobic, confined space, that at any moment could go horribly wrong. She delves into the dynamics of relationships: an estranged couple, pushed apart by tragedy; a ‘friendship’ based on blackmail, manipulation and distrust; and the frightening interactions between a drugged up psychopath and his prisoners. She brings all these interactions alive which made me feel I was really there. She does dialogue so well and manages to sustain the suspense. I continue to adore DI Matthew Adams, a decent, uncomplicated policeman who’s caring and empathetic. I’m pleased Sheryl didn’t feel it necessary for him to have a huge major flaw. Her other characters, however, are much more complex and I hated it when I actually started rooting for one of the ‘baddies’!  A great read if, like me, you enjoy psychological thrillers. Recommended.

Book blurb:

Tormented to the edge of sanity … 
Just when DI Matthew Adams thinks he’s left the past behind him, it comes back to haunt him once again; this time in the form of the Conner family.
Like Matthew, the Conners have lost a child in tragic circumstances – and they’ve also found themselves in the hands of one of the most depraved criminals to walk the streets: ‘Dead-eyed’ Charlie Roberts, a drug addicted low-life with a penchant for extreme violence.
Matthew’s greatest affinity lies with Daniel Conner, the brooding father who still blames himself for his youngest child’s death. But when Daniel’s wife and daughter are tortured and tormented by Roberts, can Matthew prevent him from completely ruining his own life for an act of revenge particularly when, once upon a time, that’s exactly what Matthew would have done too?