About my blog

This is a blog about books.  Because I’m obsessed with them and read voraciously. Crime thrillers top my favourites list, but I also love literary novels, biographies, non-fiction and books based on actual events, as well as reads about psychological conditions (autism in particular). I still love the feel of a real book in my hands, but also read loads on my iPad.

I was inspired to start this blog by my membership of THE Book Club (TBC), the wonderful, amazing Facebook book club made up of a bunch of crazy readers and authors who are hugely interactive and share their recommendations, humour and obsessions.

I’m new to reviewing, so please accept these reviews for what they are: attempts to share with others what I felt about some of the books I’ve read. All feedback welcome!

Have a great day!

Sue Purbrick

Contact me:  Twitter: @Suidi_books     Email: suep@global.co.za

Professional Reader              





  1. I am so pleased you visited my Blog. Funnily enough, I was picked up by a publisher through my blog and wrote and had a couple of books published through them but sadly they have gone bust taking my books with them. I am actually halfway through my third but currently in the publishing desert. It’s so nice to come across a true fan of the written word and I will be following your blog with interest 🙂


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