The Summer Son by Craig Lancaster

I cannot possibly do justice to this astounding book. Rich and insightful, it’s the beautiful yet tough story of a man reconnecting with his father, a complicated and difficult man. In the process, he’s working his way back into his own disintegrating marriage. It’s in a league of its own and I absolutely loved it. The Summer Son is not for those wanting a fast-paced, easy read. This is a tale that Lancaster unfolds gradually in his perfect prose. I didn’t want it to end and found the personal essay about Lancaster’s own father at the end added immensely to the read. Highly recommended – it’s a stunner.

Book blurb:

Mitch Quillen’s marriage and career are failing, and his relationship with his father has been a disaster for decades. Approaching forty, Mitch doesn’t want to become a middle-aged statistic. When his estranged father, Jim, suddenly calls, Mitch’s wife urges him to respond. Mitch heads to Montana and a confrontation that will alter the course of his life. Amid a backdrop of rugged peaks and valleys, the story unfolds: violence that triggered the rift, thirty years of miscommunication, and the possibility of misplaced blame.

In The Summer Son, award-winning author Craig Lancaster delivers a powerful novel that invites readers into a family where conflict and secrets prevail, and where hope for healing and redemption abides.

This second edition of the book, a finalist for the 2010 Utah Book Award in fiction, includes a foreword by the author and a personal essay about family.


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