Julep Street, by Craig Lancaster

I have first-up to admit to bias: I am a huge Craig Lancaster fan (Edward is my hero), trained as a journalist, a bit of a cynic and a dog-lover. So what was not to love about Julep Street!! I adored it. I was in awe of Lancaster’s effortless prose. His incredibly taut writing is nonetheless poetic; each word perfectly chosen and each sentence beautifully crafted.  No surprise to find out he’s a journalist! And this book draws on his knowledge of journos, newsrooms and newspaper owners. It is not a happy story as Lancaster takes us on a journey that seems to be spiralling downward towards an inevitable ending. The incredible relationship between ex-newspaper editor, Carson McCullough, and his yellow Lab Hector will have you laughing with delight and in floods of tears.  Read it!  5 stars.

Book Blurb:

In his seventh novel, Craig departs contemporary Montana and heads to a river town in western Kentucky, one where a beleaguered newspaper editor is about to confront all that he is, and all he never imagined he might be.

Carson McCullough has given his career to a singular pursuit—putting out a small daily newspaper that keeps his employees engaged and his hometown informed. But as time and technology conspire against him, Carson’s Argus-Dispatch is shuttered by an owner with a different view of its future.

Stung by the abrupt end of his career and burdened by regret and grudges, Carson and his one true companion, a yellow Lab named Hector, set out on a road trip. As the miles pile up and Carson erratically drives into the residue of past decisions and the consequences of current actions, he confronts questions of love, faith, self-worth, and, perhaps most pressing, whether he can redefine himself after his identity is stripped away.

In this novel, Craig Lancaster returns to the broad themes of his award-winning work and goes deeper yet, straight into the heart and mind of a good man who has lost his way and is struggling against himself to set things right.


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