I Found You, by Lisa Jewell

I enjoyed Lisa Jewell’s I Found You and found myself rushing through it, wanting to know what happened next. The book has a little bit of everything – mystery, murder (or was it?), romance and suspense. Alice, warm, big-hearted and artistic, finds a mystery man on the beach. Despite the fact he’s completely lost his memory and has no idea who he is, she invites him to stay. We then learn about the disappearance of Carl. He is married to Lily, new to the UK from the Ukraine, and she’s devastated. He’s always been loving, attentive and home on time from work. The story moves between these present day mysteries and events from the ’90s.  Mark, a horribly creepy young man, inveigles his way into a family’s holiday in 1993. The family is staying in East Yorkshire – and the holiday ends tragically. I was constantly trying to piece it all together and work out who the mystery beach man could be. Despite it becoming more and more apparent that the man with no memories has something to hide, Alice lets him stay on at her home and get close to her children. I’m obviously not going to tell you whether or not this proves to be a big mistake! This was my first read by Lisa Jewell. I found it an easy read, and thoroughly enjoyed her characters. Many thanks to The Book Club (TBC) for the opportunity to read this book!


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